Alexander Giannascoli, aka Alex G, is a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist and native of Philadelphia who has been writing songs as far back as he can remember. Following a slew of recordings he self-released over the years through his Bandcamp page, Alex spent 2013 writing and recording a proper, full-length record titled DSU, which was released on June 17th via Orchid Tapes.

From the initial moments spent with his music, one might consider his lyrical approach as hyper-personal. Alex often employs guided and reserved reminiscence to craft each song into a unique story. Despite how honest and emotionally-heavy his music comes across, he’s quick to mention that there is no definitive motive behind the new album.

Our interview with Alex Giannascoli AKA Alex G, his new full-length 'Bug', comes out on October 9th

Interview with Alex G

Alexander Giannascoli, or better know as Alex G, has turned his bedroom singer/songwriter stylings, where he released DIY albums on Bandcamp, into a record…

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