“Not The Only One” by Space Tyger

A message from Kyle on the video:

Space Tyger is the musical outlet of multi-instrumentalist, Kyle Bragwell. Based out of Florence, AL. Blending a broad range of influences with sampling, lucid guitars, and a lot of reverb. All combined with growing up in the legendary Shoals area of Alabama ultimately form a unique sound of neo-psychedelia-pop.

“At times the video may seem a bit silly or ridiculous. The video, and song of course, is essentially about the duality of emotions though. Personally I feel that my mind, my thoughts could be considered crazy by most. With that lies a sense of alienation. I do feel that maybe we all have those thoughts, that sense of alienation, and so we are really in a way not alone. I tend to isolate myself from the world. Others do too, and in that we are not the only one’s.”

The Jungle out August 25