You’ve Changed Records is a Canadian independent record label founded in 2007 by Daniel Romano and Ian Kehoe of Attack in Black and Steve Lambke of Constantines.[1]

Although both of the owners’ primary bands release their records on other labels, they formed You’ve Changed to release a split EP as well as material by their side projects. Romano has released a collaboration with Julie Doiron and Frederick Squire, Daniel, Fred & Julie, and two solo albums, Workin’ for the Music Man and Sleep Beneath the Willow, on the label, while Lambke released Dog Weather, his most recent album as Baby Eagle.

In addition, the label has released material by Shotgun Jimmie, Richard Laviolette and The Weather Station, as well as picking up distribution rights to albums by Adam and the Amethysts and The Luyas which were originally released on the now-defunct Pome Records.


Review Of “Landmark” By Apollo Ghosts

Right now everything vintage or retro is hot property, from grainy Instagram taken snaps to the impulse of borrowing your Granddad’s cardigan, there is no doubt that relics of the past are the toast of the present. The same can be said about music, artists and fans alike seem to take solace in audio nuggets from a bygone era or at least aural documents that sound like they should be from back in the day.

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