Underwater Peoples aims to discover, release, and promote new and contemporary artists with a progressive vision.
We are striving to build a collective without the confines of genre, instead focusing on individuality
and exceptionality. Underwater Peoples is unique in its endeavor to foster and maintain a creative
atmosphere that encourages collaboration between our artists, new and old.

We stand for our artists, their music stands for itself.

Free time "esoteric Tizz" 7 inch out 8/19 on underwater peoples records. tracks inclue "esoteric Tizz" and "guess work"

Free Time-“Esoteric Tizz” 7 Inch Out 8/19

Free Time’s new 7″ for Underwater Peoples pairs the saturnine “Guess Work” with the uptempo flip “Esoteric Tizz.” The double A-side presents a unique juxtaposition of form, a spaced-out, pastoral take on the nature of love contrasted with a hectic pop exploration of what it can mean to live a double life.

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Julian Lynch announces tour with the Luyas

Julian Lynch announces tour dates

In a collaboration born purely out of mutual-respect and the desire for warm weather tourin’, Julian Lynch and The Luyas are pleased to announce a special June co-headline tour. For each show together

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Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch Announces new Album

Julian Lynch has been releasing home-recorded music under his own name since 2008. He has developed a unique style across several releases in the last five years, most fully realized in his newest long-playing project, Lines. Lynch builds Lines upon musically complex and thoughtful compositions without abandoning the accessibility, nuanced timbres, and vivid instrumentation found on his first three LPs. In addition to recording and performing music, Lynch leads a parallel life as a PhD student in Anthropology and Ethnomusicology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Julian’s new album, Lines, will be released by Underwater Peoples Records on March 26, 2013.

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The Memories – The Memories

A debut album doesn’t get much better than this. Mellow and dreamy with confident guitar work and hazy vocals, this four-piece band from Portland nudges heartstrings with their self-titled debut album that’ll be released by Underwater Peoples Records on April 24th .

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Twerps – Twerps

Australian lo-fi noise rockers Twerps recently put out their second release and first full length album. The self titled recording follows the 2009 release Good Advice and continues to expose their college rock Flying Nun sounding sensibilities.

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