Slumberland began operations in 1989 as a collective effort consisting of members of DC area bands Velocity Girl, Big Jesus Trash Can/Whorl, Black Tambourine and Powderburns. We were inspired by such musical happenings as C-86, early Creation, Postcard, K, Bus Stop, lower East Side noise, and also the renegade art aesthetics of people like Cage, Burroughs and Duchamp. We were complete musical neophytes but so pumped-up about all the amazing things going on in post-punk independent music that we just had to jump in.

The explosion of punk had left behind a thriving network of ‘zines, labels and distributors and we felt that there was room for our noise-loving, pop-obsessed aesthetic. While there were loads of US indie labels releasing a steady stream of 7″s, there wasn’t much pop going on. Notable exceptions included Bus Stop, K and Picture Book, and we hoped to join that group and help chisel out some space for melodies amongst the noise.

Early releases from Velocity Girl and Black Tambourine struck a note, and we found like-minded popsters getting in touch from all over the world. As we expanded the label roster and our own horizons, the goal was always to bring you great songs and interesting sounds from a range of styles. We are justifiably proud of our influential series of releases that lasted throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, bringing you seminal records by legendary bands like Rocketship, The Ropers, Lorelei, The Aislers Set, Hood and Boyracer.

More than twenty years we are still at it, ploughing our own furrow and bringing you unique, genre-defining (and genre-defying!) releases from bands like The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Frankie Rose, Crystal Stilts, Veronica Falls, Weekend and many, many more. As always, we operate entirely outside of the echo chamber of trends, fashion and phoney hipness. Slumberland bands are independent in the best way possible — making music devoid of bullshit and true to their own voices, regardless of current popular taste.

Allo Darlin' shares video for "Bright Eyes," Their LP 'We Come From The Same Place'

Allo Darlin’ shares video for “Bright Eyes”

Allo Darlin’ just released their new album We Come From the Same Place and are currently on tour in the US. The third full-length recording from Anglo-Australian four-piece. The album combines the eagerness, urgency and immediacy of their 2010 self-titled debut with the contemplation, sophistication and ambition of their 2012 follow-up Europe, and yet it goes beyond either both sonically:

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