Shoegaze. Depending on what side of the fence you sit this is a compliment or a bane. A sound that seems definable only as: “you know, it’s shoegaze.” Loud, gauzy, melancholic and melodic, it’s appearance in the late 80′s has maintained a steady influence over the entire field of whatever it is we call indie rock ever since, and yet it’s ancestry is only now beginning to be understood. Of course, there was Jesus and Mary Chain, and then My Bloody Valentine, and then Slowdive and Ride. But that’s just the tip of the reverb and distortion iceberg… With that in mind, Captured Tracks is unearthing a whole series of reissues from around the world to investigate this era the same way 60′s Psychedelic and Garage, 70′s Punk, 80′s Post-Punk and Cold Wave and every other nook and cranny of music subculture has been investigated and sprung upon a new generation of listeners.

Our aim is not to define whatever it was that Shoegaze was and is, or even if it ever was a “thing” in the first place, it’s merely to seek out and make available excellent music that’s currently off the shelves. The fact that most of these recordings were released only on CD in the “dead era” of vinyl in the early 90′s is not lost on it, so many of these releases will be seeing the turntable for the first time ever. From harsh noise to sparse dreaminess and everything in between, we’re tapping the fertile fields of the late 80′s to mid-90′s with full participation from the original artists.