Zulu Winter are a five piece Indie rock band formed in London in 2011. The band consists of Will Daunt (vocals & guitar), Iain Lock (backing vocals and bass), Dom Millard (keyboards), Henry Walton (guitar) and Guy Henderson (drums).

Arts & Crafts share details of X

Arts & Crafts To Release X May 28th

As part of ongoing 10th anniversary celebrations, Arts & Crafts is preparing to release X – an entirely new collection of original collaborative recordings by artist pairings from the label roster

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Zulu Winter Album Review by Michael Unger

Zulu Winter – Language

I liked this band better when they were called Coldplay. You probably liked that joke better when you heard David Spade on Weekend Update on SNL, and you probably liked Weekend Update better when it was with Dennis Miller. Modern art is all derivatives of its predecessors and wearing your influences on your sleeve is not necessarily a bad thing, but with Zulu Winter its unmistakable their resemblance to Coldplay. It’s an unfortunate happenstance for Zulu Winter that may or may not have realized this going into the recording of their record, because the album actually sounds great, but you’ll be hard pressed not to think about that other band it sounds like while listening to “Language”.

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