inding beauty in the everyday may sometimes be a tricky task, but the best art does just that – holds up a mirror to the small yet significant details that make up our lives. In an era where the world seems to move at warp speed and incisive reflection is limited to the latest blog post, Montreal band Young Galaxy’s songs remind us of the richness of our universal experiences – from love and loss to despair and hope.

Invisible Republic, Young Galaxy’s sophomore release, built upon founding duo Stephen Ramsay (guitars, vocals) and Catherine McCandless’ (keyboards, vocals) penchant for transforming the mundane into the fantastic – catchy hooks build into epic crescendos, while political and ethical concerns share space with emotional observations.

For their third LP, Young Galaxy gave themselves away. Shapreshifting’s 11 new songs, lithe and mesmerizing, were completed at home and then sent away, across the ocean, to one of the world’s most acclaimed and secretive producers. For nine months, Dan Lissvik, half of the Swedish duo Studio, curved and refashioned these tracks; he made and remade them.

In October, Lissvik sat down at his computer in Gothenburg. Young Galaxy sat down at their computer in Montreal. And across 3,500 miles, Skype-ing with a friend they have never met, Young Galaxy heard their third album for the first time.

The finished album is glittering, seductive and utterly unlike anything Young Galaxy have done before. After the Polaris-nominated Invisible Republic, Young Galaxy were dreaming of transformation, transmutation, change. They imagined the parallel universe version of their own band, a Young Galaxy that was never “epic”, rarely “rock” – instead sexy, spacious, haunted by ghosts in silver, black and primary colours. Whereas they once wrote songs of pounding drums and cresting guitar, this time the four-piece sketched their love of New Order, the Knife and the Eurythmics.

Lissvik, best known for his work with Studio and recent remixes for Fever Ray and Bear In Heaven, has helped make Shapeshifting a thing of cold reverb and hot drums, synth and coo, luck and loss. After a year that’s seen them play with Arcade Fire, Stars, Twin Shadow and many more, Young Galaxy has brought these songs on tour for their worldwide fans.

Young Galaxy release "Privileged Poor" single with remixes from Factory Floor, TOY and Dan Lissvik

Young Galaxy Gets Remixed By Various Artists

Young Galaxy are set to release a new single with three stunning remixes of Ultramarine’s stand-out track “Privileged Poor”. The single will be available digitally from Paper Bag Records on Tuesday, November 5th. An extremely limited 12″,

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