In wilder times, man hunted for survival or to prove his worthiness to pass along his DNA. This modern life requires no such effort. But the compulsive nature of man leads us to search none-the-less, scouring the city for the best taco or the perfect lamp. Obsession is a modern man’s hunger, and no variation of man knows this deep-pitted yearning more than the music fanatic. We track our prey on the interwebz and through the record stores, flipping through racks of records and reading tomes of reviews with a junkie-like fever, searching for the next morsel to sate our urges. We have a yearning in the pits of our soul that is as real as any physical craving. In truth, we can never get enough. It is as if our record collections are somehow the measure by which our worthiness is now measured, and we consume as if our genes depended on it. But sometimes in our journeys, we can stumble into something so satisfying that we can just kick back in our caves and give our restless search a respite.

In late February of 2010, me and a group of like-minded brothers rambled into Jackson’s Ole Tavern on George Street. We were coming from a banquet in our suits and ties, hoping to find a drink and not much more. But for creatures such as we, the hunger is always boiling below the surface.

Young Buffalo Release Brian Eno Cover of "Burning Airlines Give You So Much More" and New Video for song "Sykia" Young Buffalo will release a new LP in 2015

Young Buffalo Cover Brian Eno, Debut Video

Young Buffalo reveal a modern pop-indie twist to a classic Brian Eno track. Listen to the band cover “Burning Airlines Gives You So Much More” The band is releasing the track as a 10-inch, Brain One, on September 30. Young Buffalo also just debuted a,

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