Yamantaka // Sonic Titan is a Canadian experimental music and performance art collective.[1] Formed in Montreal, Quebec and currently based in Toronto, Ontario, the group’s core members are Ruby Kato Attwood and Alaska B,[2] with supporting members including John Ancheta on bass and acoustic guitar, Ange Loft and Walter Scott on vocals, Shub Roy on guitar, Brendan Swanson on keyboards, Alana Ruth on lights, Daniel Ellis and Chase Lo as dancers and Aylwin Lo as a projectionist.[3]

The group was originally conceived while Kato Attwood and Alaska B were art students at Concordia University, as an art project based around exploring and subverting the cultural signifiers of their shared Asian Canadian heritage;[2] both are of mixed Asian-European heritage, and were previously members of the defunct Montreal noise rock band Lesbian Fight Club.[4] They developed a music and performance style that incorporated aspects of Asian C-pop and J-pop, progressive rock, heavy metal and industrial music,[2] as well as Buddhist philosophy, anime and manga, Chinese opera and Kabuki and Nôh theatre.[4]

They present two distinct versions of their work, one conceptualized as a large scale theatrical performance art project and one recast as a touring rock band,[2] and describe their style as “Noh-wave”, a pun on Nôh theatre and the No Wave style of experimental underground music.[4] Their first theatrical work, a drag rock opera called 33, premiered at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times theatre as part of the 2012 Rhubarb Festival,[3][1] while their rock band show has appeared at several venues in 2012, including the All Tomorrow’s Parties and NXNE festivals.[3]

The duo released an album, YT//ST, on Montreal independent label Psychic Handshake in 2011.[2] The album was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2012 Polaris Music Prize on June 14, 2012,[5] and to the shortlist on July 17, 2012.[6] The album was rereleased on Paper Bag Records in 2012

Yamantaka Sonic Titan Release New Video for the song "Saturn's Return". Yamantaka Sonic Titan will announce new 2014 tour dates soon.

Yamantaka Sonic Titan Release New Video

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN are ending the year with the release of a new video, the band has released it for the song “Saturn’s Return,” the closing track from this year’s UZU, out now on Suicide Squeeze Records in the US and Paper Bag Records in Canada.

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YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN Announce North American Tour, New Video


YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN have unleashed their new video for the song “One” which is the first track from their forthcoming album UZU out October 29th on Suicide Squeeze in the US and Paper Bag in Canada.

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YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN new album "YT//ST" reviewed by Northern Transmissions, out July 16 on Suicide Squeeze

Yamantanka//Sonic Titan Album Review

The album, YT//ST can almost be carved up into a noisier side and a more free-form direction. The album flickers in with ‘Raccoon Song’ which positions the listener in a storm like setting, the sound of running water is coupled with doom like thunder rolls making for a tense but atmospheric beginning.

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YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN To Release 'YT//ST' July 16th on Suicide Squeeze

Yamantanka Sonic Titan To Re-Release Album

The Canadian group mix culture, musical genres and sexuality to produce their unique and electrifying blend of music and performance art. Now signed to Suicide Squeeze, YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN will be re-releasing their critically acclaimed YT//ST this July.

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yamantaka sonic titan suicide squeeze

Yamantaka Sonic Titan Join Suicide Squeeze

Interdisciplinary art collective YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN (YT//ST) have signed to Suicide Squeeze Records. In addition to the band’s signing, they’ve been busy working on their new video game, YOUR TASK // SHOOT THINGS, a mobile game putting an interactive rock opera in your pocket.

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Yamantanka Sonic Titan Release New Single

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN have released a new track as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program, “Lamia.” The track can be downloaded here as well as seen live as part of a recent in-store performance at Sonic Boom during NXNE.

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