London, England’s Yak have been are known for their unpredictable live shows. The band is set to release their their debut album Alas Salvation (on their own label Octopus Electrical – via Kobalt). Recorded with Pulp’s Steve Mackey as producer, it’s a wired and ambitious record that refuses to be pigeonholed. Alas Salvation is Yak’s first North American release since their Third Man Records debut, The No EP.

Frontman Oli Burslem explains: “I was trying to make it a slightly schizophrenic record that had all these different elements, but had so much of everything that by the end it would all just be lost and everybody would be like, ‘What the hell was that? I don’t know what that was, but I kind of enjoyed it’”. Today they released a video for the album’s opening track “Victorious (National Anthem)”.