Within and Without is the debut album by 28 year-old Atlanta-based songwriter and producer Ernest Greene, AKA Washed Out. Long adored and critically lauded in the blog world, Greene first came to prominence in the summer of 2009 after unassumingly posting a handful of bedroom-recorded tracks to his Myspace page from his family home in the seclusion of the tiny rural city of Perry, Georgia. “I’d been writing music on my own for three or four years previous to that,” Greene explains, “mostly as a way to experiment with songwriting processes. Those were just the first I ever shared.”

Despite such modest intentions however, those first songs (many of which would appear on the acclaimed Life of Leisure EP of later that year) were about as complete an opening statement from an artist as imaginable. A heady, psychedelic concoction of what Pitchfork’s Mark Hogan termed “romantic nostalgia and homespun textures,” songs such as “Belong” and “Feel It All Around”—Greene’s biggest hit to date—artfully match the glossy melody of ’80s synth pop, the widescreen scope of early ’90s Balearic dance music and the slowed, heavy bounce of southern Hip Hop production to gorgeously wistful vocals with results as undeniably idiosyncratic and original as they are deeply accessible.

A remarkably impressive feat of songwriting and production given Greene’s means at the time (essentially little more than a laptop, sample bank and microphone), the songs of Life of Leisure saw him, alongside friend Chaz Bundick, AKA Toro y Moi, and the more established likes of Ariel Pink and Panda Bear, designated leader of a newly emerging DIY movement identified by David Keenan of The Wire magazine as “hypnagogic pop” for its romantic, retro-futurist…

Interpol And Washed out To Play Field Trip 2014. Other artists include Broken Social Scene, The Kills, The Constantines. Takes place June 7-8 in Toronto.

Interpol And Washed out To Play Field Trip

FIELD TRIP returns for 2014 – expanding from its organic beginnings as a celebration of Arts & Crafts’ 10th anniversary two-day boutique music and arts festival situated in the heart of downtown Toronto at Historic Fort York & Garrison Common. The 2014 edition will unfold across two days,

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Washed Out AKA Ernest Green catches up with Northern Transmissions for an interview. Wahed Out's latest album "Paracosm" is now out on Sub Pop Records.

Northern Transmissions Interviews Washed Out

I really wanted to get away a bit from the way that I recorded in the past. I wanted to explore different instruments instead of using so much technology. Although the number of instruments wasn’t planned, there’s quite a few. I really tried to squeeze as many instruments as I could into each song.

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