Tycho is the music project of San Francisco artist and producer Scott Hansen. As Tycho, Hansen blends swirling melodies into vaguely triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples, creating rolling sonic landscapes that extend into the horizon. Known in the design world as ISO50, Hansen is famed for his bucolic, sun-drenched design style, which serves as a backdrop and mirror for his musical output. Hansen began his electronic-music career with 2002’s The Science of Patterns EP , which was followed in 2004 by his first full length, Sunrise Projector.

The critical acclaim continued in 2006 with the release of Past Is Prologue on Miami-based IDM imprint Merck records. Ghostly met Scott Hansen in 2007, and like everybody else, we simply had to work with him.

In 2008, Tycho received a nod as one of URB magazine’s “Next 100” artists to watch. Since 2007, Tycho, with great care, released sun-drenched, melodic singles for the 3 years, honing his sound and collaborating with even more live instrumentation. In 2011, his meticulous process sees the release of Dive. The wait has been well worth it.

Snowday announce lP 'As We Travel', premiere first track 'Walk Along These Rocks With Me',

Snowday Reveal LP ‘As We Travel’ Share Single

Toronto electronic duo Snowday came upon the inspiration for the project in an unlikely source: a ukulele they picked up in Madrid, Spain while traveling in Europe together. Without a studio to record in while on the road, Cam Sloan and Chad Skinner found a new creative spark in going back to basics and jamming with small acoustic instruments they collected:

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Tycho shares Beacon Remix, See (Official Performance Cut) Video

Tycho Shares Beacon Remix, Premieres Video

Today, Tycho premiered the celestial ‘See (Official Performance Cut)’ video directed by GMunk, who helmed the original version of the video as well. This edit from the from the original video is a montage of the entire band’s performance using only Kinect-informed, infrared footage. The result is a visual:

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