he Men yes, “The,” are a four-piece post punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY. Their catalog, which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self-released demo cassette, has grown to include two LP’s — We Are the Men and Immaculada — two more tapes, and a 7-inch. They have toured three times, played over 75 shows and have grown a following of die hard fans crowding into living rooms and basements throughout the five boroughs, desperately trying to see them. The buzz in their hometown has grown so fervent that the Village Voice debuted this album’s first single, “Bataille,” a full six months before the record was scheduled to street. Named for the famed French pornographic writer, the track review expounds, “rides a pug-ugly joy-punk riff into almost krautrock oblivion — complete with gorgeous voice cracks and face-mooshing distortion.”

Nick Chiericozzi, Mark Perro and Chris Hansell recorded this album at Python Patrol in 2010. Rich Samis joined the band shortly after and is now their full time drummer. Having three songwriters in the band allows them to pull from innumerable post punk sources, referencing drone, metal, shoegaze, and even Spaceman 3 lyrics on Leave Home. Recording to tape for the first time here, using elements of distortion, feedback, pop hooks, and a couple of beautifully destructive instrumental passages, The Men have been described by Mishka as, “more composers than musicians.” They have breathed new life into the genre of hardcore and created a seminal album that is truly for punks of all ages. Look for them on tour this summer.

Dream Police (mems. The Men) announce debut LP for Sacred Bones, Dream Polices' album 'Hypnotized' comes out November 11th, they play 9/25 in Brooklyn, NY

Dream Police (mems. The Men) announce LP

Dream Police is an American musical production by Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro, the founding members of The Men. The project began in 2010 as a reservoir for ideas which had overflowed from The Men’s drainpipe. In that same year, a two-song:

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The Men Release New Single "Pearly Gates," Expand North American. "Tomorrow's Hits", the new album from The Men comes out March 4th on Sacred Bones Records.

The Men Release New Single “Pearly Gates,”

Today, The Men have shared “Pearly Gates,” the first single from the band’s upcoming record, Tomorrow’s Hits, out March 4th on Sacred Bones. The six-plus-minute track finds the band playing live and at full speed, backed by a full horn section. Listen to the track above. The band has also expanded their upcoming tour schedule,

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The Men Announce New LP "Tomorrow's Hits", out March 4th on Sacred Bones Records. The Men will begin their tour March 2nd in Allston, Ma at Great Scott.

The Men Announce New LP “Tomorrow’s Hits”

With just over a month since the release of their last EP, The Men are ready to announce their newest full-length record, Tomorrow’s Hits. Set for release on March 4th via Sacred Bones, the album is the latest entry in the band’s rapidly growing discography. The band,

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The Men Set To Release ‘Campfire Songs’ EP on October 15, 2013 via Sacred Bones. Full North American Tour Kicks off in September

The Men Announce ‘Campfire Songs’ EP

While The Men holed up in a house in upstate NY recording New Moon (the bands last full length release), they took full advantage of their rural surroundings, in-house studio, and lack of recording timelines and obligations. The band tracked over twenty-five songs.

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Review Of The Men ‘New Moon’

The Men’s fourth record, New Moon is hardly a planet destroyer it can be a deceptive beast at times. Planting themselves somewhere between dusty ol’ college rock and unrelenting post punk, the four piece probably couldn’t obliterate Alderaan but they would definitely give it their best shot

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