It’s not often a band captures your heart right out of the gate; but the High Drops will. Born out of a friendship between a couple of skateboarders-turned-musicians, the High Drops are comprised of Mitch Charron (guitar) Alexi Baris (vocals/guitar), Jen Smyth (drums/vocals) and Max Osburn (bass). They are, in this writer’s opinion, one of Vancouver’s best new bands. Their self-titled EP boasts five songs that are diverse both in sound and scope. “Dying on the Vine” is a hazy, ‘70s-era jam that builds on a fantastic, slow-burning guitar riff; it’s so damn smooth. “Street Girl,” meanwhile, grips you by the throat via Baris’ Eric Burdon-esque vocals and thundering drums. Discorder recently sat down with Baris, Charron and Smyth at Reno’s Café on Main Street to discuss the EP while listening to some classics on the jukebox.