After two excellent EPs on the vinyl-only St. Ives label (one a murky, humid introduction to the band; one a live compilation), Visits is decidedly Tammar’s proper mission statement. Their spears are sharpened and pointing at you from every angle. Evan Whikehart’s circular, lyrical guitar progressions pack as much Kinks as they do Public Image Ltd. or Red Red Meat (see: “Summer Fun,” “Yung Jun” and “Frost Meter”). And here, on Visits, they’re thick and crisp — on occasion weaving into Ben Swanson’s vintage Crumar and its droning/chiming black hole micro-tones. Each song finds a new, extraordinary sound coming from the Crumar. On “Frost Meter” it’s an angelic chorus of beeping radio towers. Other times, it’s a throat-singer, backing up Dave Walter’s from-the-gut-to-the-sun vocal explorations (“Deep Witness”). As a front man, Walter is endlessly exhilarating, inspiring and inspired. The vocals-as-lead-instrument recall James’ Eno-produced Wah Wah, but with the flare of Ian Curtis. When not singing proper, the careful ear can hear Walter conjuring the cosmos with snarls and gasps — put to pretty marvelous effect on “Summer Fun.”