New York-based Sons of an Illustrious Father will release their third full length album Revol via Big Picnic on March 4th. Produced and mixed by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) at the analog based hotel2tango studio in Montreal, ‘Revol’ showcases a maturity and cohesion of three distinctly gifted songwriters and multi-instrumentalists: Josh Aubin (vocals/bass/keyboards/percussion), Lilah Larson (vocals/guitars/drums/percussion/bass), and Ezra Miller (vocals/drums/percussion/keyboards). Yesterday, The Rumpus premiered a stream of the first new song off the album, “Conquest,” bundled with a short graphic novel illustrated by songwriter Larson. Described as “the love child of the topical folk song tradition – Woody Guthrie, Dylan, etc. – and politically conscious punk a la The Clash, Gang of Four, or Bikini Kill,” the song and graphic novel explore the intersection of global oppressions, and how misogyny, racism, capitalism, and colonialism intersect. Read Larson’s statement about the graphic novel’s inspiration at The Rumpus.