Smith began playing blues piano in bars when he was nineteen years old. Skipping between the Rocky Mountains of Denver, San Francisco, and Central America, he began to write original songs, short stories and plays. Smith’s travels in Central America inspired his narrative approach and original style of folk music.
In 2003, Smith was commissioned by Watchword literary magazine to make a CD of one-act plays delivered as songs. This project led Smith in a new direction, incorporating theatre and dialogue into his evolving approach to music. At the Headlands Center for the Arts, he was awarded a residency in May 2005 to create a feature length musical, The Dangerous Stranger, which included guest performers such as underground folk singer Jolie Holland, local singer Peggy Honeywell (artist Clare Rojas), Miranda July, and set designer Daniel Tierney.

Cool Ghouls Premiere "What A Dream I Had', 'A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye' LP Out November 11th

Cool Ghouls Premiere “What A Dream I Had’

“San Francisco’s Doomed” …or so they say. There are, however, four Cool Ghouls who will have none of that. Born and raised in Fog Nation’s stripmall suburbs, these boys dreamed of the day when they would move to Shaky City.  San Francisco – the town so many of their electric heroes (Creedence, Thee Oh Sees:

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