A DIY project with worldwide scope, Slow Magic is universal and inclusive. It’s cosmic electronic music culled from the ether, yet crafted with human hands. It’s joyous, escapist, multi-disciplinary art that mixes transcendent performance with the nostalgic intimacy of two teenagers staying up too late on the phone.

After the release of 2012’s beloved and critically-acclaimed Triangle, Slow Magic became an international movement after touring with artists like Gold Panda and XXYYXX. Crowds found a masked man in their midst, bathed in fantastic light, with electronic triggers and a drum. The future-primitive combination infused the project’s electronic compositions with new life.

How To Run Away, Slow Magic’s debut with Downtown Records, reflects this growth, oozing both otherworldly beauty and a mastery of production. Lead single “Girls” is deconstructionist house with an organic pulse and collaged, handcrafted samples. “Hold Still” sculpts elastic organs and jazz piano into an emotionally-pummeling finale, while the melancholy “Let U Go” merges watery dub with spectral piano and “Closer” plays like a ‘90s R&B fever dream.

Slow Magic is music by your imaginary friend.

Slow Magic Shares "Girls" Remixes By Kodak To Graph And Daktyl & "Songs To Fly To" Mix

Slow Magic Gets Remixed By Kodak To Graph

Slow Magic is currently touring North America in support of the new album and tour mates Kodak To Graph and Daktyl both crafted remixes for lead single “Girls” which premiered this week. After this current North American tour, Slow Magic will head back to Europe to headline the Set It Off Tour:

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Slow Magic talks with Northern Transmissions' Alice Severin about a number of interesting topics, his new album 'How To Run Away' i

Our interview with Slow Magic

Speaking to the enigmatic and mysterious Slow Magic only requires moderate vetting with just a few levels of security. Luckily, we passed, and Northern Transmissions was able to talk about the long awaited new album, How to Run Away, and find out what drives the Slow Magic project. Ranging from autobiography to animals:

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Slow Magic's new album 'How To Run Away' reviewed by Northern Transmissions, the lp comes out tomorrow on Downtown records,

Review of ‘How To Run Away’ By Slow Magic

Slow Magic says it is the “music made by your imaginary friend”. If that means you can take it anywhere, and it knows what you want, it’s succeeded, and brilliantly. Both intimate and connected, what is special is that this album could be listened to alone, maybe trying to blot out the world:

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Slow Magic Shares New Track, Live Video, How To Run Away Out September 9 on Downtown Records, Slow Magic start their tour September 6 in Kalamazoo, MI

Slow Magic Shares New Track, Live Video

Over the past two months Slow Magic has shared singles “Girls” and “Hold Still” from the forthcoming album, How To Run Away (out Sept. 9th on Downtown Records). With just under two weeks left until release day, Slow Magic is sharing another new:

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Slow Magic Signs To Downtown records, Shares Single new single "Girls," Slow Magic plays Sun. July 27 in Seattle, WA at the Capitol Hill Block Party

Slow Magic Signs To Downtown, Shares Single

After the release of 2012’s “▲” album and touring across the globe with artists like Gold Panda and XXYYXX, Slow Magic became an international movement. Crowds found a masked individual in their midst, bathed in fantastic light,

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