San Francisco’s Scraper is a band throwing curves off a skate-punk kind of mound. Just some kids hanging out on the scene who formed a band out of nowhere. Of the 101 flavors currently coursing through the undead corpse of punk, these guys spray a gritty combination of grind ‘n’ groove that represents musical life at its most primal level. Then when you’re sure they just started playing instruments the day before they recorded this, the overtones hit you – Scraper touched with Flipper and Urinals art-ghetto flair. You might even call it “minimalist,” and the lyrics whip a satirical, surrealist-sychadelic angle on the inevitable social/romantic blues of the songs.

Drag Cty imprint God? releases Scraper and White Fence

Drag City Imprint, to Release Scraper 7″

New Drag City imprint God? brings us their 2nd and 3rd releases following God?001, Trin Tran’s Dark Radar, released last year. On July 16, 2013, God? both restores a lost gem to the crown of White Fence by reissuing the self-titled debut album on LP and presents a brand new band to the world via the Scraper 7″

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