Every once in a while, a band arrives on the scene that makes you wonder: what did we ever do before these guys arrived?

Auckland trio Popstrangers burst onto the live circuit early in 2009, and immediately began making waves – with their truly unique celebration of grunge, punk, and noise music winning punters over wherever they went.

The band self-released an EP of their early hits in September of that year, with song after song sitting pretty on both the bNet and New Zealand Alt Radio Charts for weeks on end.

Before long the group were in serious demand, and wound up playing with everyone from Peaches (US) to Crocodiles (US) and Die! Die! Die!, not to mention invitations to appear at Rhythm & Vines and the Big Day Out.

Cut to now, and the band are more vital than ever before. With a tight new line-up that sees drummer Jimmy Mac joining bassist Adam Page and singer / guitarist Joel Flyger, the three are set and ready to release their sophomore E.P. Happy Accidents.

“The E.P. to me is reflective of friendships,” says Joel, “and the ways in which they can be both good and bad, and also coming to terms with trying to find better ways to deal with certain situations that are new to me as a person.”

Recorded in one day on July 26th at Mt Eden studio The Lab, the E.P. was then mixed by producer Thomas Healy in a lounge room in Epsom. A little mastering from the legend of the South – Dale Cotton – and Happy Accidents came into being.

Popstrangers cover The Trogs

Popstrangers Cover The Troggs

Popstrangers had this to say about the song, “We had been listening to “With A Girl Like You” quite a bit late last year and naturally started to play the song at band practices. That led to occasionally including it in our live set

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