One of the more indefinable acts to emerge from Montreal’s burgeoning indie scene in recent years, Parlovr is a trio built on unrelenting creativity, ambitiously pushing towards a blend of retro surf and soul nestled within hyper modern pop songs quickly earning global attention.

Incubated in a Mile End loft during 2006-07 by Alex Cooper (keys/vocals), Louis David Jackson (guitar/vocals) and Jeremy MacCuish (drums), Parlovr emerged in late 2008 with its self-titled debut, featuring a collection of raw, dynamic tracks as odd as they were infectious. Quirky, catchy and full of familiar and unknowable elements, the album garnered rave reviews throughout Canada and landed the band a deal with Dine Alone Records.


Review Of “Kook Soul” By Parlovr

There used to be a lot more simple choices when it came to music. You were basically either a Beatles person, or an Elvis person, (according to Quentin Tarantino). Now music has gone mainstream underground, which means that there is a band for every part of your life. There are now bands you put into playlists for your dinner parties, going to the gym, or studying for your biochemistry exam. Parlovr’s sophomore album Kook Soul is an album that is made for your summer road trip.

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