Neneh Mariann Cherry (born Neneh Mariann Karlsson; 10 March 1964) is a Swedish singer-songwriter, rapper, and occasional DJ and broadcaster. Blending hip hop with other influences, Cherry experienced mainstream success with several of her recordings.

In March 2011 she joined the experimental jazz group The Thing, who had derived their name from a track by her stepfather, Don Cherry.[3] Their album The Cherry Thing was released in June 2012. During a June 1, 2012 interview with Kirsty Lang, broadcast as part of the BBC’s Front Row Daily podcast, Cherry discussed this jazz-inspired album, saying that The Thing were fans of her stepfather (jazz artist) Don Cherry’s work. One of the songs from this album – “The Heart” – was written by Don Cherry himself. Cherry went on to say that the album, although primarily a jazz album, is also inspired by modern music (for example the work of rapper MF Doom, as well as The Stooges) stating that “it needed to be relevant. I try to ignore all the borders of music, as much as I can”. She also discussed the “tacky over-sexualisation” of women in modern-day music, hoping for a reaction to “pole-dance pop”.