Mood Rings are a moody Atlanta psych band who are gearing up to release their first record for Mexican Summer; here’s its first single, “Pathos y Lagrimas.” These guys are really good at giving their soaring, shoegazy psychedelic vibe a down-to-earth tinge too – note the driving bassline, that roots distorted, hazed-out guitars, vocals, and percussion effects. The end product is a perfect slow-jam for summer late-nights: put this one on when your bonfire’s burned down to embers. Mood Rings‘ new record VPI Harmony is out June 25

Mood Rings Announce North American Tour with Cults

Mood Rings Announce Fall Tour With ‘Cults’

Mood Rings will be hitting the road this fall on a massive North American tour with Cults. The band will be playing songs from their Mexican Summer debut, VPI Harmony. Their music draws on a range of influences and is a kaleidoscope of layers and textures that take you to a different headspace with each song,

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