Mac DeMarco is a Canadian musician. Born in Duncan, British Columbia, he was raised in Edmonton, and moved to Vancouver for a period. He is now based in Montreal. Formerly recording as Makeout Videotape, he has produced two solo albums, Rock and Roll Nightclub and 2.[2] His style has been described as “slacker rock”. He is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a multimedia artist.

After DeMarco graduated from high school in Edmonton, Alberta in 2008, he moved to Vancouver, BC.[2] Living in the Killarney neighbourhood, he released a self-produced album, Heat Wave, calling himself Makeout Videotape. The album sold out its 500-unit run.[4] DeMarco worked on “psychelidelic” video projects during this time.[2] He was joined by Alex Calder and Jenn Clement, signed to Unfamiliar Records, and toured with Vancouver band Japandroids in 2009.[2]

In 2012, DeMarco moved to Montreal and began recording as a solo artist. Failing to find work as a musician, he participated in medical experiments for money and worked on a road paving crew. In early 2012, he released an EP titled Rock and Roll Nightclub. The four-track-recorded album features skits and slowed-down vocals. It impressed his new label, Captured Tracks, enough that they agreed to release a full-length album. This release, entitled 2, was received well by critics, ] One of his songs was licensed by U.S. retail outlet Target for a commercial. DeMarco turned 22 in April of 2012.