Lee Ranaldo, co-founder of avant-garde rock group Sonic Youth, was born in 1956 in East Norwich, New York. In addition to constant touring with Sonic Youth, Ranaldo has been extremely active in the New York music scene for the past 30 years, recording and collaborating with numerous acts, producing discs, and publishing several books of poetry and journal entries.

Northern Transmissions Interviews Lee Ranaldo. "Last Night On Earth" from Lee Ranaldo And The Dust is out on Matador Records. Catch Lee Ranaldo on tour now.

Northern Transmissions Interviews Lee Ranaldo

It’s definitely interesting to be fronting a band as opposed to being on a collaborative team, and being in a band now where I bring in all the songs, as opposed to being part of a four way writing situation. You know I’ve kind of just fallen into it at this point,

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