Until the Horror Goes, (Swans, St. Vincent, David Byrne, Explosions In the Sky, etc.) John Congleton’s debut full-length album as John Congleton and the Nighty Nite, is a howling, sardonic document of existential angst. Released April 1st, 2016 on Fat Possum Records. Today they share the lead-track “Until It Goes”.

“Until the Horror Goes is a raw record compelled by an anxiety particular to our time and place, squarely out of fashion with the post-industrial morass of music conceived and created to sell a lifestyle. One is reminded of John Cale, who’s angry, emphatic Fear debuted the week Rock Me Gently by Andy Kim, a saccharine soft-rock ballad, sat at the top of the charts. Like Fear, and Lou Reed’s Berlin, and Suicide’s self-titled debut, chronicles of the fucked up human condition all, Until the Horror Goes unsettles the listener with troublesome subject matter, enhancing that discomfort with screaming violins and machine-like repetitions”.