The Brooklyn, NY-based feminist art/music collective MEN began in 2007 as a DJ/remix project of J.D. Samson and Johanna Fateman while their band Le Tigre was on hiatus. During that time, Samson also began working on songs with her project Hirsute, which featured Ginger Brooks Takahashi of LTTR and the Ballet and the Ladybug Transistor’s Michael O’Neill. Eventually, Takahashi and O’Neill became core members of MEN along with Samson, while Fateman and writer Emily Roysdon became consultants. The band’s sound evolved into a sharp-edged fusion of dance-punk and electro-pop, while their lyrics expressed the desires and troubles of feminists and the LGBT community. MEN released a few singles over the years, including Off Our Backs and Credit Card Babies, and toured with Peaches and the Gossip before IAMSOUND issued their debut album, Talk About Body, in 2011.


JD Samson & MEN Interview

We left IAMSOUND last summer because we wanted to try and experiment with the idea of just putting out our own EPs in the same way that we put out the first one and see what happens, and we’re just kind of feeling that out right now.

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