Japandroids are an indie garage rock duo from Vancouver comprised of Brian King (guitar) and David Prowse (drums), who share singing duties. Founded in 2006, the band self-released a pair of five-track EPs, All Lies (2007) and Lullaby Death Jams (2008), before making its full-length album debut with Post-Nothing (2009) on the Canadian label Unfamiliar Records. Though Japandroids were more or less unknown at the time of their album debut,In 2010, Polyvinyl released a compilation that lumped together All Lies and Lullaby Death Jams, titled No Singles. This singles-mindedness continued in 2011 as the band released a series of 7″s in five installments. They also debuted new material during a late summer tour, and upon returning to the studio, aimed for songs that stadium crowds would feel. The results, aptly titled Celebration Rock, followed in June 2012.

Japandroids Announce New Tour Dates

Vancouver duo Japandroids kick off four straight months of touring, beginning August 14 at Portugal’s Paredes De Coura Festival. In addition to the already announced European dates, the band has added shows in October

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Review Of “Celebration Rock” By Japandroids

Drum and guitar duos are a dime a dozen lately. You can always tell when you’re listening to one, the musicians are spread too thin and trying to do too much to make up for it and the whole thing becomes washed out noise. A good drum and guitar duo though, à la White Stripes and Death from Above 1979, embrace the simplicity and the lo-fi of the dynamic and rub it in the face of all the synth-laden sixpiece bands. That being said, those bands get away with it because they do something else really really well, and while I like Celebration Rock, and not really sure what that something is for the Japandroids.

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