GRMLN is the musical project of 19 year old, Yoodoo Park. He was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to southern California at a young age (though he still goes back to Japan every summer). Yoodoo started playing music at the age of 13 when he was given a bass guitar and has been playing music ever since. He is now attending the University of California Santa Cruz. But when he’s back in southern California the garage becomes his recording studio.

During the summer of 2010, Yoodoo started recording relaxing songs for himself to listen to in his car during lazy, summer afternoons. To capture the sound of relaxation in his songs, Yoodoo incorporated clean sounding guitar rhythms with a mixture of drowsy melodies. Surrounded and inspired by trees and coastal surf, Yoodoo’s interest in nature shows through amply in his music. GRMLN has been described as a sound that blends clean-rock and dream-pop.

After recording a set of songs, Yoodoo made his music available online for others to hear under the name GRMLN. He chose the name because of the feeling he had of isolation and disconnection from the outside world during that summer of 2010. Yoodoo is getting a band together in his parent’s garage for imminent touring.

GRMLN covers Leonard Cohen, on tour

GRMLN Covers Leonard Cohen, Now On Tour

After finishing up a North American tour with Geographer, GRMLN decided to spend some time recording again. He made a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, a musical contrast to his fast-paced, upbeat album – Empire.

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GRMLN releases Hand Pistol as second single

GRMLN shares a new track “Hand Pistol”

Empire is GRMLN’s album for the cruis’n world: Upbeat rock ‘n’ roll with the feel of ’90s pop-punk. The new tracks are much more rock-driven than Explore’s gentle, dreamy tunes. Wanting to capture the sound of a live band

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Watch GRMLN’s “Night Racer” video

After last year’s Explore EP on Carpark Records, GRMLN returns with a new song called “Night Racer”. The video for the song, directed by Tommy Sugimoto, features Chase Ellison as a racer driving through GRMLN’s home state of California

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