Flume is an electro music producer from Sydney Australia. His real name is Harley Streten. He began producing music at the age of thirteen with a basic production disc that came in a box of cereal. [1][1] He has currently released an EP titled “Sleepless” and his self-titled debut album. The album reached number one on the Australian iTunes charts.[

Natasha Kmeto announces tour dates with TV On The Radio

Natasha Kmeto To Tour with TV On The Radio

Natasha Kmeto is a Portland-based singer and electronic producer. Her tracks, which she composes, produces, and performs entirely by herself. Born into a musical family in California, Natasha began to develop her talents as an artist from a young age. It wasn’t until almost two decades later, on the verge of becoming a career session musician:

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THE ANTLERS give away free 'Jupiter' download as part of Transgressive's 10th anniversary celebrations, the label will be giving away downloads till 9/30

THE ANTLERS give away ‘Jupiter’ download

As part of Transgressive’s ongoing 10th birthday celebrations for 2014, from now until Tuesday Sept 30th September, the label will be giving away a free track, every day, from their website. Each track will be something rare or previously unreleased:

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