“At one level, this is garage rock … But the music on Peace, Victory and the Devil breaks out of those constraints, not as if it’s struggling but as if it’s shrugging off any concern for rules, as if it’s easy to pioneer a new sound.

Whether [Jones] is channeling spirits, or whether Feeding People is simply a band of spirited musicians all pulling together to make her glossolalia of gloom the official soundtrack for these apocalyptic times, Peace will make you want to stockpile this album and hole up in your bunker to await the band’s next revelation.”

— Dan Collins, LA Record

Hometown: Yorba Linda, Orange, Fullerton
Members: Nic Rachman- guitar & vocals
Michael Reinhart- drums & art
Louis Filliger- bass & guitar
Jessie Jones- vocals & guitar
Discography: Peace Victory & The Devil , Burger Records CASS , 2011