Hailed by Iggy Pop as one of his favourite bands of the moment, declared “the future of rock n’ roll” by ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields, signed up by The Libertines drummer Gary Powell to his 25 Hour Convenience Store label, and offered Pete Townsend’s studio to record in. UK’s False Heads, have shared their new video for “Thick Skin.”

Following their “Steal & Cheat” single release late last year, False Heads went in to Pete Townsend’s studio earlier this spring to cut a series of new tracks. “Thick Skin” is the first single to emerge from those sessions.

False Heads have also announced a series of new live dates alongside this new release, including a big show at The Roundhouse in London as part of the Punk Weekender event this July. “Thick Skin” is out now through 25 Hour Convenience Store, available from most digital stores.