velyn Jane Mason and Jeremiah Klein met in Vancouver in 2011 and connected via a shared love of bass music, R&B and pop. Though their work is collaborative, Jeremiah blends lo-fi and hi-fi recording techniques as producer, with Evelyn providing startling vocals and frank lyrics using her voice as a malleable alien synth. The results are enthrallingly hazy.

Popping up two years ago in February 2012 with a staggeringly brilliant 12″ via Canadian creative collective and imprint King Deluxe, FACT compared Evy Jane’s “frozen pop futurism” to the likes of Clams Casino and The Weeknd, whilst Pitchfork simply labelled it “stunning,” giving it a Best New Track feature. Newly signed to Ninja Tune, Evy Jane’s Closer EP neatly rounds up the duo’s sonic excursions since their explosive debut.