A frenzied convergence of post-punk danceability and noise rock abrasiveness, Dope Body’s sound straddles that fine line between a tightly packed dancefloor and a mosh pit. Evoking some kind of fantasy world where the Jesus Lizard cover Gang of Four while playing through a blown-out PA system, the Baltimore, Maryland quartet of Andrew Laumann, David Jacober, Zachary Utz, and John Jones has been running its influences through a sonic blender since 2008. Since its inception, the band has managed to rack up an impressive discography in a short time, starting with the 2009 EP 20 Pound Brick, which was released on Watercolor. The band followed up with the split EP (with Orphan) Self Entitled through Black Tent Press in 2010 before making its full-length debut the following year with Nupping. Dope Body’s years of basement and eardrum destruction eventually paid off in 2012 when they hooked up with indie giant Drag City to release their second full-length, Natural History.


Our Interview With Dope Body

J is a pro to the core. He is a super talented and amazingly efficient engineer. We actually had like a list and schedule that we stuck to for this record. We were very diligent about getting shit done, and we did get it done

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