Having united in 2010, drummer Peter Gosling, bassist Greg Peters, vocalist Mike Kaminski, and guitarist Justin Lemaire have seen their sound steadily evolve from a pure brand of punk-laced garage rock to something far more expansive and engulfing.

Reverb-rich bass and guitar melodies moulded from overdriven tubes interplay beautifully atop a driving pulse to frame Kaminski’s frail, seductive, and at times ferocious vocal melodies – all as inviting as they are inventive. It’s a sound that borrows the allure of grunge and garage rock, punk, new wave, and noise, yet can’t be classified as any one of them.

The concoction is the result of the four members’ individual influences and input crossed with an apparent disdain for the ever-present pretention and posturing in the current indie community. Conversely, Decades offers something unadulterated, undiluted, and most importantly, unapologetic.

Kaminski’s lyrics mirror their musical framework in that they often delve into the odd and even obscure, yet are always engaging, inviting you to follow him further into the twisted unknown towards a chaotic-but-euphoric catharsis.

The band’s intangible-yet-intriguing spirit seeps in strong concentration from any stage they defile. That spirit has captured attention from a myriad of audiences as the band has shared stages alongside acts ranging from Handsome Furs and The Weeknd through to Deerhoof, J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., and Cancer Bats – all innovators of their respective arts despite their differing surface-level genre labels. Their shared bond is music that defies easy classification, and there’s plenty of it at a Decades show with no pretension or prejudice – just a shared, near-sacred experience you’re not likely to forget.

Decades will spend the balance of 2012 refining and recording the material for their debut release, expected fall 2012 on White Girl Records/EMI Music Canada, while continuing to awe audiences of all kinds on planned tours through the US, UK, and beyond.

Decades share new track debut lp

Decades Announce Self-Titled Debut LP

oronto quartet Decades have premiered the song “In Sequins” off their upcoming self-titled debut album, out April 30 on White Girl Records. Over the past two years the quartet have supportied such acts as Handsome Furs

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