Cymbals Eat Guitars released their debut album Why There Are Mountains in 2009, receiving a response that far exceeded the band’s expectations. Two years have gone by since that early hype cycle began, and a lot has changed. An official release of Why There Are Mountains on the band’s own imprint, extensive US touring with the likes of Bear in Heaven, Los Campesinos!, and The Thermals; European dates with The Flaming Lips and The Hold Steady; and festival performances including Lollapalooza and Glastonbury kept the band quite busy. All the while, they were using whatever free time was afforded to them to write songs for a planned follow-up.

After signing to Barsuk Records in early 2011, the band settled down in Whipple’s basement in New Jersey to finish writing that follow-up. Lenses alien, the result of these collaborative explorations, is a stunning example of a band growing into itself — learning to collaborate, becoming more confident. At its core, lenses alien is a marriage of classic pop forms and ambient haze that makes for a stark, dusky psychedelia. D’Agostino’s vocals, now with support from Hamilton and Whipple, sit daringly at the forefront, and his lyrics are dark, strange, and affecting as ever. A relentlessly complex listen, lenses alien strikes a balance between the archaic and the inviting and is as much a document of doubts and contradictions as of irreverent joy. It’s a varied collection of songs that feels handmade — built from the ground up — and it’s precisely the album Cymbals Eat Guitars was built to make.

Alex G announces dates with Cymbals Eat Guitars + on tour now, as well shares video for hollow

Alex G Reveals Tour With Cymbals Eat Guitars

Following the announcement of his new video for “Hollow” and UK shows in November, Alex G returns with more new dates this winter. He will be joining Cymbals Eat Guitars on a short East Coast run on December 10th through December 13th. All current and upcoming dates can be found below. DSU will be released in the UK on November 10th via Lucky Number. Alexander Giannascoli, aka Alex G, is a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist:

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Cymbals Eat Guitars debuts “Laramie” video, Starts Tour With Bob Mould This Week, new Dates With Brand New,

Cymbals Eat Guitars Premieres “Laramie” video

“Wanna wake up wanting to listen to records / But those old feelings elude me / I raise a toast to the rock n’ roll ghost,” sings Cymbals Eat Guitars frontman Joseph D’Agostino It’s the track that perhaps best captures the spirit of the band’s third LP, LOSE:

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Cymbals Eat Guitars new album 'Lose' reviewed by Northern Transmissions, the LP comes out 8/26 on Barsuk Records, the first single off 'LOSE' is "Jackson"

Review Of Cymbals Eat Guitars’ ‘LOSE’

If you’re reading this review there’s no doubt you’re a music obsessive – notably you’ve landed on Northern Transmissions, excellent choice we must say! Another certainty – if a slightly downbeat one – is you’ll have experienced some kind of loss in your:

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Cymbals Eat Guitars Premiere "Warning", announce Tour With Bob Mould This Fall, 'LOSE' the band's new album comes Out on August 26th Via Barsuk Records

Cymbals Eat Guitars Premiere “Warning”

“Wanna wake up wanting to listen to records / But those old feelings elude me / I raise a toast to the rock n’ roll ghost,” sings Cymbals Eat Guitars frontman Joseph D’Agostino on the hyper-adrenalized “XR,” which sounds like a Tonight’s the Night outtake,

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Ace Reporter Shares "Saints & Angels and Announces Dates. Ace Reporter will start their tour March 1st in Toronto, ON at the Phoenix Theatre.

Ace Reporter Shares “Saints & Angels”

Chicago-based, by way of New York, Ace Reporter has released “Saints & Angeles”, the first of three bonus tracks on their upcoming album Yearling XL, the extended edition of the pop-rock Yearling LP. Available on April 22, 2014,

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