Originally started as a bedroom recording project by former Love as Laughter bassist Sean Ragon, Cult of Youth are a neo-folk band based out of Brooklyn. With a sound that’s dark and pastoral, the band brings to mind a darker version of the Pogues, merging effervescent acoustic guitars and thumping traditional rhythms, with Ragon’s bellowing baritone adding an ominous spin to the bouncing sound. The project made its debut as a mostly solo effort in 2008 with A Stick to Bind, a Seed to Grow, which saw a limited released on Dais. Eventually, Ragon recruited a more permanent backing band, calling upon the talents of drummer Glenn Maryansky, violinist Christiana Key, and bassist Micki Pellerano. With a new lineup at his disposal, Ragon expanded the band’s sound for its eponymous sophomore effort, which was released in 2011 on Sacred Bones. Growth in the band’s sound continued with 2012’s Love Will Prevail, which married the neo-folk acoustic strums of Death In June or Current ’93 to an almost chamber-pop style of orchestration.

Cult of Youth announces "Final Days" LP, shares new track, "Empty Faction"

Cult of Youth announce ‘Final Days’ Album

Sean Ragon has been active in the DIY punk, industrial and experimental music communities on the east coast for over 15 years while also running a record store and label in Brooklyn (Heaven Street and Blind Prophet Records, respectively). He has been:

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Pharmakon announces new LP "Bestial Burden", out 10/14 0n Sacred Bones shares album teaser, Pharmakon will tour with Swans, starting Sep 25, in Brussels,

Pharmakon announces new LP “Bestial Burden”

Four days before New York noise musician Margaret Chardiet was supposed leave for her first European tour as Pharmakon, she had a medical emergency which resulted in a major surgery. Suddenly, instead of getting on a plane, she was bedridden for,

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Our Interview With Cult of Youth

Yes! It was the most DIY record ever made hahaha I even had to teach myself carpentry to get it done. In a way, although I have a lot of problems with the cost of living in New York, the constant threat of impending financial ruin can force you to do great things (even if it is only so you can barely keep your head above water).

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