São Paulo, Brazil’s provocative, freewheeling dance-rock sextet CSS take their name from an abbreviation of “cansei de ser sexy,” which is Portuguese for “tired of being sexy” (though, considering that the lead singer goes by the name Lovefoxxx, it’s arguable how much that phrase actually applies to the band). CSS also include bassist Iracema Trevisan, guitarist/drummer/keyboardist Luiza Sá, guitarist Ana Rezende, guitarist/drummer Carolina Parra, and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/producer Adriano Cintra (also a member of Thee Butchers’ Orchestra).

The band formed in 2003, after meeting at clubs and through Internet social networking groups such as Fotolog and Trama Virtual, and began crafting its unique but unpretentious sound through trial and error. CSS’ net-savvy ways led to them becoming a phenomenon on the Web; their extensively downloaded songs eventually caught the attention of more traditional media in Brazil and Europe. The band released two EPs on their own in 2004, Em Rotterdam Ja e uma Febre and A Onda Mortal/Uma Tarde com PJ, before signing to Trama Virtual in 2005. That fall, their debut album, Cansei de Ser Sexy, was released in Brazil, along with a bonus EP, CSS SUXXX. The members of CSS also used their other talents to forge the band’s distinctive image: Lovefoxxx and Parra are graphic designers, Trevisan is a fashion designer, Rezende is a film student (and directed the video for the song “Off the Hook”), while Sá attends art school.

CSS release video for 'Hangover'

CSS Announce Upcoming US Tour Dates

While nothing can compare to the fondness one has to their hometown, the temptation to live in sunny and glamorous Los Angeles is hard to resist. Some of LA’s newest residents include the ladies of CSS; natives of Brazil

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IO Echo announce tour with CSS and MS MR

Io Echo To Tour W/ CSS And MS MR

After dates with the likes of Garbage, Bloc Party, and Joy Formidable and having shared the stage with the likes of No Doubt and Nine Inch Nails, IO ECHO continue their live shows of self-described “pastel doom,” dimmed strobe lights and sensu fans

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