Louisville, KY’s Coliseum was founded in November of 2003 by singer/guitarist Ryan Patterson, who named the band after his favorite brand of Sunn amplifiers and, in typical hardcore D.I.Y. fashion, entered the studio less than six months later with bandmates Keith Bryant (bass) and Matt Jaha (drums), to record a self-titled debut album for Level Plane Records. Extensive touring followed with the likes of Hot Cross, Cursed, and Breather Resist, as well as a split 7″ with fellow Louisville natives Lords and their own Goddamage EP — all before the end of 2004, with new bassist Mike Pascal making his entry in time for the latter. Then it was time for more road work (this time with metallic-leaning acts like Municipal Waste, Kylesa, and Buried Inside) and split singles, which packed Coliseum’s schedule throughout 2005, until new drummer Chris Maggio was installed early the next year — just in time for a European tour with Lords and a new recording contract with Relapse Records. And, after spending the second half of 2006 composing new material amid occasional touring, Coliseum entered Salem, MA’s God City Studios, for the recording of their belated sophomore CD, No Salvation, released by Relapse in the fall of 2007.

Coliseum release video for Love Under Will

Watch New Video From Coliseum

The new Coliseum is out today, and so is the video “Love Under Will”, the track shows the band’s definite love of post-punk. Presently, Coliseum is on the road in Europe for a string of dates. They will be back for a North American tour in May

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