Christopher Owens catches up with Doug Bleggi with Northern Transmissions

Our Interview With Christopher Owens

Christopher Owens has always had a reputation for doing what he wants musically, which is what makes him such a rare character in our current landscape. Nothing he does is the work of PR posturing or strategy — he is a man who follows his heart and ambitions, whether its his sudden departure from Girls in 2011:

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Christopher Owens Shares New Music Video for "Never Wanna See That Look Again"

Christopher Owens Shares New Video

With less than two weeks to the release of ‘A New Testament,’ Christopher Owens has unveiled the brand new video for “Never Wanna That Look Again”. In this new clip, directed by long-time Girls collaborator Aaron Brown, Chris addresses the viewer as he lists the number of ways he’s caused his:

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Christopher Owens Unveils New Track + 'A New Testament' Out 9/30, On Tour This Fall, starting on September 23rd in New York City at the Highline Ballroom

Christopher Owens Unveils New Track

Christopher Owens shares a new track “Never Wanna See That Look Again” An apologetic ode to a lover, the track charmingly pulls on the heart strings to create a touching love song.The new track is taken from his second solo album ‘A New Testament’ :

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Matt Kivel shares video for "Insignificance," his album 'Days Of Being Wild' is out on Woodsist Records. Matt Kivel plays August 6 with Christopher Owens

Matt Kivel shares video for “Insignificance,”

Days of Being Wild was recorded over the course of six weeks in the summer of 2013 with Paul Oldham in a small detached shed in Los Angeles. The album art features original drawings by Max Markowitz. “I had worked with Paul on the last record I did,

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Christoper Owens Announces New Album 'A New Testament' Out 9/30, Shares Video for "Nothing More Tan Everything To Me" Christoper Owens plays 9/23 in NYC

Christoper Owens Announces New Solo Album

Christopher Owens is set to release his second solo album ‘A New Testament’ on September 30th, a follow up to his debut, ‘Lysandre.” New tracks “It Comes Back To You,” “Stephen” and “Nothing More Than Everything To Me”

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