Broken Social Scene is a Canadian indie rock band, a musical collective including as few as six and as many as nineteen members, formed in 1999 by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. Most of its members currently play in various other groups and solo projects, mainly based around the city of Toronto. The band refuses the label “supergroup”, based on size or the ubiquity of their members, claiming that in the indie scene everyone is involved in more than one project.

The group’s sound could be considered a combination of all of its members’ respective musical projects, and is occasionally considered baroque pop. It is characterized by a very large number of sounds, grand orchestrations featuring guitars, horns, woodwinds, and violins, unusual song structures, and an experimental, and sometimes chaotic production style from David Newfeld, who produced the second and third albums.

In 2009, This Book Is Broken was published. Written by Stuart Berman, it details the band from its inception to its critical acclaim. In 2010, Bruce McDonald made This Movie Is Broken, a movie about the band’s Harbourfront show during the 2009 Toronto strike.

Interpol And Washed out To Play Field Trip 2014. Other artists include Broken Social Scene, The Kills, The Constantines. Takes place June 7-8 in Toronto.

Interpol And Washed out To Play Field Trip

FIELD TRIP returns for 2014 – expanding from its organic beginnings as a celebration of Arts & Crafts’ 10th anniversary two-day boutique music and arts festival situated in the heart of downtown Toronto at Historic Fort York & Garrison Common. The 2014 edition will unfold across two days,

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KEVIN DREW From 'Broken Social Scene' Announces New Solo Album "Darlings" the album comes Out on 3/18, via Arts And Crafts. The first single is "Good Sex".

Kevin Drew Announces Solo Album “Darlings”

Broken Social Scene’s founder, songwriter, and front man Kevin Drew will be releasing his newest solo album, Darlings, on March 18th, 2014, on Arts & Crafts. The album’s first single, “Good Sex,” can be heard now – above. Darlings shows Drew growing from his role in Broken Social Scene to create a statement of personal artistry. Darlings is also his first solo album that is truly, to put it bluntly, solo. If Drew’s 2007 effort Spirit If…

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