A quartet from Natland, Cumbria, England, British Sea Power are a rather conceptual indie band — compared more than once to Joy Division — featuring members named Hamilton, Noble, Yan, and Wood. The group was formed in the late 2000, and its live shows began to receive notice early on, thanks in no small part to the large stuffed birds that perched on-stage and the militaristic uniforms worn by the bandmembers. Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis was taken aback by one of British Sea Power’s (literally) wild performances and signed them; by the end of 2001, they had two singles in the racks: “Fear of Drowning” on Golden Chariot and “Remember Me” on Rough Trade. The group released its critically acclaimed debut, The Decline of British Sea Power, in 2003. Open Season arrived in 2005, followed by Do You Like Rock Music? in early 2008. The following year, British Sea Power lent their signature post-punk atmospherics to director Robert Flaherty’s bleak 1934 film Man of Aran, composing a complete soundtrack for the movie to be included on the DVD, as well as performing the piece in its entirety at a number of screenings. In 2010 the band unleashed the seven-track EP Zeus, followed in 2011 by its fourth full-length outing, Valhalla Dancehall.

British Sea Power

British Sea Power Stream New Track

British Sea Power’s new, fifth album ‘Machineries Of Joy’ will be released digitally in America on April 2, 2013 and LP/CD April 9, 2013 on Rough Trade Records. The album’s title track is now available to listen to online:

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