Comprised of Russ Waterhouse (guitar, electronics) and Lea Cho (keyboards), Queens-based noise rock duo Blues Control established themselves as an enthralling live act and, following a series of limited-edition releases on cassette and vinyl, made their official CD debut in 2007 with a self-titled album on Holy Mountain. Blues Control made their recording debut in January 2006 with a self-titled cassette on the label Palsy. The Riverboat Styx cassette followed in September 2006. A year later the New York City duo released the 12″ LP Puff on Woodist, the CD-R A Full Tank (a compilation featuring the Palsy tape and other recordings) on Managing Expectations, and the CD/LP Blues Control on Holy Mountain. Among these many releases, the Blues Control album garnered the most acclaim among critics, particularly in the blogosphere. Local Flavor (2009), the Laraaji collaboration Frkwys, Vol. 8 (2011), and Valley Tangents (2012) followed in quick succession.


Our Interview With Blues Control

Yes definitely, I think it’s being outdoors more and being exposed to nature, the felling of having open spaces and a bit more freedom. There is a more privacy here, were not living with people on top of us or beside us.

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