Following the recent news of their debut record Get Down You Dirty Rascals (due out March 4th on 1965 Records) and the unveiling of their first single ‘Fire & A Water Sign,’ Black Peaches have shared a funk-fueled remix of the track by Flying Mojito Bros via Clash. Flying Mojito Bros, comprised of London-based musicians Ben Chetwood and Jack Sellen, carry the track to immersive disco-emanating realms.

Black Peaches is the new project of Rob Smoughton, probably best known as a long-time member of Hot Chip and Scritti Politti, while his alter-ego Grovesnor has released a number of albums to critical acclaim.

A midway point between the swamp and the tropics, Black Peaches’ music is gloriously loose-limbed and strung-out: a psychotropic stew of country boogie, spiritual jazz and funk.