After almost 20 years of using the alias Smog for his music, Bill Callahan switched to his given name for his releases after 2005’s A River Ain’t Too Much to Love. The 2007 EP Diamond Dancer and full-length Woke on a Whaleheart both mixed the intimate, reflective, largely acoustic sound of later Smog albums like Supper and A River with gospel, soul, and pop elements, and boasted arrangements by former Royal Trux mastermind Neil Hagerty. For 2009’s Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, Callahan returned to the more intimate acoustic-based sound of latter-era Smog albums, featuring string and brass arrangements by Brian Beattie. The live album Rough Travel for a Rare Thing arrived in March 2010, and in July Callahan issued his 79-page “epistolary novelette” Letters to Emma Bowlcut, comprised of 62 letters from a nameless protagonist to a woman he saw at a party. Callahan kicked off 2011 with Apocalypse, a more uptempo collection of seven country and blues-inspired rock tunes that recalled some of his edgier work with Smog.

Watch Bill Callahan's "Javelin Unlanding" Video; Callahan Lands in Europe To Tour This Month, starting off August 7th at the Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway

Bill Callahan Shares “Javelin Unlanding”

It’s been almost a year since we released Bill Callahan’s Dream River, but Bill still manages to find something that gets beneath the skin. Lyrically, he tugs at the loose strands of a scene and unspools ’em until he comes to the knot. Or if he’s out of doors, he,

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Bill Callahan Reveals More European Dates. Bill Callahan will start his European tour February 1st in Glasgow, UK. "Dream River" is now out on Drag City.

Bill Callahan Reveals More European Dates

The last six months have seen a dubble load of Bill Callahan, ever since he dumped Dream River and dropped it’s dubbed out companion LP, Have Fun With God (plus the ” Expanding Dub” 12″, you completest!). Having graced the USA,

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