Formed in 2009, Beach Fossils started as Dustin Payseur’s solo recording project. Payseur recorded the band’s self-titled album on his own, playing all instruments. In late 2009 the album gained popularity through music blog reviews and local Brooklyn-based shows. After signing to Captured Tracks the Beach Fossils became a full band, touring the United States endlessly with a scattered line-up that included 12 different drummers and 3 guitarists. In March 2011, Payseur teamed up with bassist John Pena to record their EP, “What a Pleasure” which met favorable reviews. Shortly after the release, the band launched another tour, this time covering the United States and parts of Europe. On July 23, 2012 the Beach Fossils issued a statement via Facebook that bassist John Peña would no longer be playing with the band choosing instead to pursue his own band Heavenly Beat full time.

Their second LP, titled Clash The Truth, is due out on February 19, 2013, on Captured Tracks. Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino appears on the album’s forthcoming track, “In Vertigo”. To accompany the announcement of the album’s release date, Beach Fossils released “Careless”, the second single from the record, on December 4, 2012.

Axxa/Abraxas Shares Video for "I Almost Fell", Tour with Beach Fossils and Heavenly Beat starts 8/29 in Asheville, NC Self-Titled lP Out on Captured Tracks,

Axxa/Abraxas Shares Video for “I Almost Fell”

Today Axxa/Abraxas (aka Ben Asbury), shares the video for his single “I Almost Fell”, from his recently released S/T debut. With the help of newly formed friends in Asheville (Asbury recently relocated to the city), the video came together, piece by piece,

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Captured Tracks announces RSD 2014 : Milk'n'Cookies, Cosmetics, Medicine, Skylon, Bok Bok, The Snow. The albums will be available at your local record shop.

Captured Tracks Announces RSD 2014

Captured Tracks are released a boatload of music for Record Store Day 2014. They have been kind enough to share all the in depth details. Milk’n’Cookies: In the early 1970’s a Long Island power pop group known as Milk’n’Cookies,

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