The Baptist Generals are an American indie band from the music town of Denton, Texas.

Baptist Generals formed in 1998 by singer/songwriter Chris Flemmons and drummer Steve Hill. Originally they played for beer money as a street act on Denton’s infamous Fry Street, but later moved from the street to playing house shows and then later clubs nationally and abroad. Over the years the band has grown to include a rotating cast of Denton and former Denton musicians. Hill left the band in 2007.

In 2007 the group refined their live show, choosing to move away from their amplified presentation in favor of chamber style acoustic sets performed on the band’s traveling rug in alternative spaces such as art galleries, museums and non-bar facilities.

In March 2012 the band returned to electrified performance as part of 35 Denton, a festival Flemmons founded and spent many years organizing.

On August 23, 2012, The Baptist Generals announced on their fan page that they had completed a new album. No other information was available.

The band’s list of releases include a 9-song EP, Dog released in 1998 on now-defunct Quality Park Records, as well as the LP No Silver/No Gold released in 2003 on Subpop Records.

Shearwater Collaborate with Clinic on The Baptist Generals’ “F****** Up Life”. Fellow Travelers Out November 25th in North America and Europe via Sub Pop

Shearwater And Clinic Cover Baptist Generals

You can now download “Fucked Up Life,” the second single from Shearwater’s Fellow Travelers, a new collection of reinventions and collaborations with artists they’ve toured with over the years, out November 25th in North America and Europe on Sub Pop.

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chris baptist generals fave five albums

Chris of The Baptist Generals 5 Favorites

Chris of The Baptist Generals shares with us his top five albums which range from Nina Simone to the Minutemen to Tom Ze, enjoy: TRIO – Self-Titled, Double Nickels on the Dime – Minutemen, Brazilian Classics 4 – Tom Ze, Nina Simone –  Live at Ronnie Scott’s, ZNR — Barricade 3

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Northern Transmissions interviews Baptist Generals

Interview With Chris From Baptist Generals

Well it wasn’t so much that we shelved a 2005 attempt at an album, but more that life got in the way for a while after 2005. In Denton I got involved in a dispute with an out-of-town developer that was going to tear down some old buildings in town. Several of us organized against the project and by the time that got resolved — poof! — 2 and a half years had passed

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The Baptist Generals share video, announce tour with The Mountain Goats

The Baptist Generals Share New Video

The Baptist Generals’ new album, Jackleg Devotional to the Heart comes out May 21st. Their sharing a video for the song “Fly Candy Harvest,” which is not found on that album. Instead, this track appears on a limited-edition

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Northern Transmissions interviews Baptist Generals

The Baptist Generals Announce New Album

On May 21, Sub Pop will release Jackleg Devotional to the Heart, the long-awaited new album by The Baptist Generals from Denton, Texas. Jackleg Devotional to the Heart is the follow-up to the band’s 2003 debut full-length No Silver / No Gold

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