ADIÓS GHOST has arrived with their brand new single for “TENSION” off of their third coming release Endless Return. Echoing the sounds of Yeasayer and Animal Collective. Adiós Ghost is a band formed by songwriter Ben Sigerson. Joined by poet Simon Davenport, multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Stull, and engineer/producer Alex Loew, the four-piece has been leaving it all on Brooklyn stages since 2012.

Adiós Ghost draws from a broad sonic palette, channeling psychedelia, early house, r&b and West African music through an indie rock vein. The band’s debut, self-titled EP came out in winter 2013 and was met with praise, being described in the press as “wild and worldly”, “full bodied, and impassioned” and “intensely colourful.” Moving forward, Adiós Ghost expanded upon their founding influences, and the resulting “Counting Paces” single was released in the winter of 2014. Their third release, Endless Return, will be out in May 2016.