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Northern Transmissions is a music website started for music lovers, by music lovers. We feature interviews, album and live reviews from today’s most influential independent bands and artists. Northern Transmissions also features music news from around the world everyday.

If you are a band or artist and would like to get in touch, please drop us a line at info@northerntransmissions.com

Charles Brownstein, Founder, Editor in Chief


My name is Charles Brownstein and I was born in Montreal, Quebec. I presently live in Vancouver, BC.

I am a true lover of music, food, books, film, and stand-up comedy. Foremost it is music that I love, that is what drove me to create this site. I confess to liking Duran Duran and the Bee gees in my youth.I prefer In Utero to Nevermind and safe as milk instead of Trout Mask Replica.

Northern Transmissions is a Music website that features interviews from musicians and bands we love. We have interviewed so many of them, from The Drums to Destroyer. We review albums by from many labels around the world, including Merge, Sub pop, Bella union, Matador, 4AD, Rough Trade, Capture Tracks, Hardly Art, and many many more.

Hope you guys enjoy the website as much as we like working on it.


Alberto Dal Santo












Alberto is a writer, photographer, drummer and great music lover from Italy. He’s written several reviews for both Italian and international music websites and he’s interviewed some great indie musicians over the last 3 years. Other than music, Alberto is interested in skateboarding, fashion, travel, books, football, and Nintendo’s videogames.


Evan McDowell










Evan McDowell works in a record store, plays guitar, and writes.


Michael Unger












Michael Unger is a writer/astronomer. When not writing about space, he focuses on movies, theatre, sketch comedy, music. and sports. In his spare time he practices the air bass. He also writes for Betfair and Plank Magazine


Adam Williams










I’m Adam Williams, from Oxford, UK. I am a humus lovin’, music obsessive with a soft spot for Star Wars.

My first gig was at the tender age of 16 and I went to see Garbage. I had a preconceived thought I would meet the girl of my dreams at the gig. Sadly this didn’t happen but the show was amazing.Strangley I didn’t see a live band again for two years. However this two year lull was broken by visiting Reading Festival for the first time. It was a bizarrely beautiful experience watching world class bands in a stinky field in Berkshire and one experience that has become an annual event in my musical calendar. Since then I have had the pleasure in attending Big Day Out Festival in Australia as well as fulfilling a life long dream in going to Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

The first record I remember buying for myself was Definitely Maybe by Oasis. At the time I felt like the only person in the world who owned this album and that Oasis were really cutting age. How very wrong I was! That’s what happens when you grow up in the 90s.

I spent most of 2010 travelling Australia and parts of Asia, so much so, I wish I was born Japanese.


Heather Welsh












Heather Welsh is an artist and writer from York, England. After spending a bit of time traveling around Europe and North America Heather now lives in London, UK and is studying for an Art Writing Masters.

Heather writes about music and goes to shows as much as possible. She also writes poetry and short stories, blogs, takes photographs and draws too. She is inspired by nature, lines, forms and the ephemeral. Her favourite band is probably Belle & Sebastian. She likes indie, twee, folk and electronic music the most.


Julia Abramson












Julia is an all-genre music enthusiast from Columbus Ohio. She is currently majoring in English with a minor in pencil drumming at The Ohio State University. When she is not daydreaming about following The Dead or being the fifth member of ABBA, you can most likely find her scouring for records, eating copious amounts of chocolate, or both simultaneously. She hopes to combine her passions of music and writing into a lifelong career, all while adopting every dog that happens to cross her path


Douglas Bleggi












Doug Bleggi is a writer from a small town in Long Island, New York. Currently residing in Brooklyn, he’s been a music obsessive ever since his brother taped “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Let’s Talk About Sex” off Z100. Doug has written for Death and Taxes, Big Shot Magazine, and Société Perrier, and has done work for the music licensing agency Jingle Punks for several years. Doug co-runs a dance party and blog called the Teenage Guide to Popularity which talks about and demonstrates the power of peak-MTV music videos. Follow him on Twitter (what_the_doug).


Joe Romeo

Joe Romeo

Joe Romeo is a Vancouver based writer/musican. Born and raised in New Jersey, he spent a decade in Chapel Hill, NC writing, performing and teaching music before relocating to western Canada in 2012.
When not making, listening to or writing about music, Mr. Romeo enjoys hockey, film, video games and single malt scotch


Gabriel Rolim










Gabriel Rolim is an economist, writer and music journalist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When he is not digging different types of music genre from all around the world, he occasionally DJs at club parties, creates a few mixtapes and tries to improve his producer skills. He also loves football – a Corinthians supporter -, watches as many movies as he can and plays bass, trumpet or any other instrument that he wishes to learn, yet never scratching the surface. But sincerely, going to music festivals from Portugal to Chile, Spain to France is his real hobby. And photography, photography is nice.


Jen Dan







Jen Dan is a music reviewer and artist interviewer based in New Jersey.  She currently contributes to this site, Adequacy.net, and RebelNoise.com.  Over the years she has written hundreds of music detailed reviews and produced hundreds of fun and informative artist interviews.  She began her music career in the early 1990s by putting out a music-related paper fanzine titled Stratosphere which is now in online form at Stratosphere Fanzine Yahoo Group. In 2007 she became a contributing writer for Adequacy.net, as well as a sporadic writer for TastyFanzine.org.uk and JunkMedia.org.  Last year she started writing for RebelNoise.com and this year she began contributing to Fluence.io and this site.

Likes: indie pop, indie rock, dream-pop/rock, Lush, Suede, The Smiths, KatieJane Garside, Morten Harket, Toni Halliday, Steve Kilbey, Liam McKahey, Cocteau Twins, Cranes, Secret Shine, Dangerous Muse, Madison, Blood Red Shoes, New Politicians, Rykarda Parasol, The Lolligags, Babes In Toyland, The Twilight Sad, and Hydroplane.  Contact: https://www.facebook.com/JenStratosphere and @jenstratosphere 


Alice Severin

Alice Severin started writing and being obsessed with music from an early age. After getting chucked out of school, she headed to London, where she found like-minded people backstage and behind the scenes in the music business. She’s been a delivery driver, a baker, a teacher, a copywriter, and a performance artist, among other things, all of which inform a very wide taste in music. Now Alice lives in NYC and is writing another book.


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